eASIA Awards

2019 eAsia Awards

Project Title
Trade Facilitation and eCommerce

Thailand National Single Window implementation
by Thai Customs Department


SAYAD Project (Iranian Issuance of Electronic Checkbooks System)
by Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

The Islamic Republic of Iran
Digital Transformation (Public Sector)

Innovation in e-Voting & Cross-border Voting Solution STP
by Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation

Chinese Taipei

Innovative Application of National Health Insurance MediCloud System
by National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Chinese Taipei

SEPAND Project (Iranian ACH Direct Debit)
by Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

The Islamic Republic of Iran
Digital Transformation (Private Sector)

by D Money Bangladesh Limited


Korea Tourism Organization-Experiencing “201∞ Boundless Korea”
by Vpon Big Data Group

Chinese Taipei

e-Certificate for Sugar Exporters in Thailand
by New Technology Information Co., Ltd

Creating Inclusive Digital Opportunities

e-Tax Invoice Project
by Electronic Transactions Development Agency


SEPAM Project (Iranian Electronic Interbank Messaging System)
by Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

The Islamic Republic of Iran
The eASIA Awards are administrated by the Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (AFACT). The event aims at arousing awareness of digital transformation, promoting the achievement of AFACT member countries/economies in the development of trade facilitation, electronic business policies and activities, and initiatives for bridging digital divide in the Asia Pacific Region. The purpose of the eASIA Awards is to recognize the significance and great effort made within AFACT community and to encourage exchange of best practices. The event also intends to develop the mutual understanding and experience sharing between member countries/economies by showcasing the shortlisted projects in the eASIA Awards Exhibition. The awarded project organizations can also play a role of consultant or trainer to be invited to some AFACT member countries/economies where their HoDs deem it valuable to introduce the best practices to their relevant governmental agencies or private sectors.

2019 eASIA Awards Categories
There are totally four categories of eASIA Awards

Trade Facilitation and eCommerce
Trade facilitation needs to be supported by efficient business process and data exchange across governmental agencies. eCommerce used to be practiced mainly amongst partners in the private sector. It has been more and more requested by the concerning authorities to comply with regulations with respect to taxation, credit and risk management, and online dispute resolution. Cross border business model therefore needs better streamlined business process, harmonized data for legal and regulation compliance. Projects with the following characteristics are most encouraged to participate in. 1) Improving the balance among governmental legislation, 2) enhancing international trade or eCommerce, 3) increasing information visibility, by evaluating the concrete effects on trade regulatory and facilitating agencies control and security, tax-related efficiency, trade promotion, and business efficiency, 4) adopting a leading model in terms of simplification in trade procedures, single entry point, 5) implementing innovative application of UN/CEFACT standards and recommendations, and have improved service performance, and 6) successfully enabled bilateral or multi-lateral international cooperation.

Digital Transformation (Public Sector)
The public sector category refers to the distinguished government related projects using Internet technology and standards to enhance e-Government, e-Industry and e-Business programs significantly in order to drive digital transformation. Projects as a leading model which generates excellent outcomes and benefits in term of awareness raised, a mechanism of collaboration and connection over internet across ecosystem, as well as significant increase in the overall productivity or competitiveness will be recognized.

Digital Transformation (Private Sector)
The private sector category refers to the projects being executed among private institutions to drive digital transformation and enhance internal and/or external e-Business alliance efficiency. Projects as a leading model, which generates excellent outcomes and benefits in terms of collaboration and connection over internet, social network, and the physical world within organizations across ecosystem, as well as significant increase in the productivity, competitiveness, or better user experiences, will be recognized.

Creating Inclusive Digital Opportunities
The category will be focused on projects that ensure the equal opportunity of people and businesses in technology usage, such as: 1) broaden access of computers, the Internet, high-speed networks, and social network, 2) provide people and businesses with the skilled teachers and training they need to master the digital economy, and 3) promote online contents and applications that will help empowering all people and businesses to use new technologies to their fullest potential.

2019 eASIA Awards Guidelines
eASIA Awards

Submit Application Form to email ic@etda.or.th by 30 September 2019

schedule of 2019 eASIA Awards is shown as below.
eASIA Awards guidelines finalized by StC & Host Secretariat
Deadline of recommended projects in whole package received by Host Secretariat
Deadline of evaluation on written proposals by Host Secretariat
Deadline of evaluation on written proposals by the Evaluation Committee
Announcement of Semi-finalists for the final evaluation
Notification to the Host Secretariat whether the Semi-finalist projects can attend the final evaluation and eASIA Awards Ceremony
The final oral evaluation
2019 eASIA Awards Ceremony